Fragments’ architectural photography wins the 100% Entrepreneurs Awards

The event aims to promote new business initiatives and boost recognition of young entrepreneurs in La Garrotxa


100% entrepreneurial architectural photography.

On the left, the winners of the contest. On the right, the photographer and architect Marc Torra is awarded the prize by the Regional Minister Núria Zambrano.


The Sala ‘El Torín’ in Olot opened its doors on Friday, the 29th of November 2013, to host the first edition of the 100% Entrepreneurs Awards, in which Marc Torra, the founder of the studio specialized in architecture, interior design and landscape photography, Fragments, earned first prize as a Young Entrepreneur from La Garrotxa for this project.


When awarding him the first prize, the Regional Minister of Enterprise and Employment of the city of Olot, Núria Zambrano, referred to Fragments’ achievements in bringing together knowledge of architecture and photographic ingenuity.


The fact that the photographer has also worked as an architect offers a certain guarantee and the security of working on each commission with a broader perspective. This synergy allows us to approach projects with a greater capacity for analysis because the architectural typology, which considers aspects related to the construction method, design, functionality or historical context, is also kept in mind over the capture and composition process.


The second Young Entrepreneur award went to Salvador Vergés from Bas Alimentària, and in parallel, Franc Comino and Jordi Rabat won the Young Entrepreneur award on behalf of Wattia Innova.


The event, organized by the Municipal Institute of Promotion of Olot, the County Council of La Garrotxa, the Association of Young Businesspeople of Girona – La Garrotxa Brand and the Euram Circle Garrotxa, aims to encourage business initiatives that are founded in the county with the ultimate goal of supporting young creators through a recognition prize, a monetary award, and the support of Ràdio OlotLa Comarca and Olot Televisió.


M. Teruel