Working method

We plan a photography report, or rather, of architectural photography as if it were a project, gathering information and preparing for the session in order to find the optimal conditions. We like to understand and share the arguments of the architectural project, and to do so communication with you is essential. With the material we get, in the private space of we propose our selection of images, and based on this point of departure you can make the final selection. You will receive a personalised disk with the images at different resolutions or, if you prefer, we can send them to you via the cloud.

Material and technical equipment

We use high-quality technology, offering a balancing point between the highest-resolution cameras and the end use of the images we build. Full frame or 35 mm technology coupled with perspective control lenses allow us to limit the impact of this on the price of our services of architectural photography to the utmost extent possible. We are convinced that beyond the features of a digital sensor, our eyes will make your projects shine.

We are architects

We are architects and we still work in the profession. We are familiar with the difficulties involved in bringing an idea to fruition while complying with the regulations and meeting your clients’ needs. We understand the language of architecture and the value that a building can have in its typological and historical context, and we like to learn while looking at each of your new assignments. In architectural photography, we appreciate the value of details, not just their artistic qualities but also as prime architectural elements. We like architecture.

All projects can be photographed

If you are pleased with it, it is worth having photographs of it. All projects, no matter their kind or size, can be photographed, even if just partially. These images are the ones that, starting tomorrow, will let you present the result of your professional career, your construction company, the building where you work or the establishment where you welcome your clients. Public or private facilities, homes, urban planning, commercial projects, tourist projects, industrial projects, rehabilitation, heritage, exhibitions, ephemeral spaces, offices, landscaping… our vision of architectural photography encompasses a variety of milieus.