• Construction progress monitoring

    The construction process down to the last detail

  • Remote control

    From any device

  • Video Time Lapse

    The entire process in four minutes

Experts in construction

We are photographers and architects, we know where and how we have to place ourselves, we are familiar with the building process and we know the tools to plan the best vantage points. We can anticipate visual obstructions, auxiliary aspects of the construction site, the visual and educational interest and the effects of light throughout the year. We can work in places that are difficult to access with vertical means or elevator platforms to improve the experience on construction monitoring videos or FragTime.

High resolution and remote management

The construction monitoring videos or FragTime system is made up of a small computer and a high-resolution reflex camera which takes pictures every 5 minutes. All the equipment is protected in a waterproof IP65 box, which is ventilated and heated. The pictures are sent to the Fragments servers and there they are processed so they can be viewed with any device. Back-up copies are made, and we verify that the pictures are coming in at the frequency expected. The alarm system warns us if there is any incident. Our ongoing R&D efforts allow Fragments to ensure an effective, innovative service.

Any process anywhere

The construction monitoring videos or FragTime service can document any process, ranging from a construction project that can last years to a building process that only takes a few hours or days. The means have to be adjusted, the frequency at which the pictures are taken has to be determined and the possibility of also recording video scenes in real time has to be decided. And we can do this anywhere in the world. We will travel wherever we need to and find the right technological partners to ensure a robust telecommunications system.


Everyone benefits

The developer of the site as the control system, the builder as a sign of their transparency and commitment, the technicians (architects, building surveyors and engineers) as a complementary tool to construction monitoring videos or FragTime, and even in public projects as a means of communicating with citizens. Once up and running, FragTime has shown itself to be an indispensable tool for users to ensure that they don’t miss a single detail.

Stories that speak about buildings

From the construction monitoring videos or FragTime we create a time-lapse video allows us to get a final edit with a sped-up narrative of the building process, a unique result with a unique identity that will help to consolidate your brand and document the steps taken during the execution of the building.