• Savings through foresight

    Periodic checks to evaluate maintenance work

  • Control and efficacy

    Competitive, versatile aerial system that can go wherever it is needed

  • Immediate results

    Real-time viewing to provide solutions when they are needed

Regulatory environment

Nowadays, professional work with drones is banned in urban settings or anywhere that they may affect people. This limitation directly affects the activity of Fragments (as well as the other operators of unmanned aerial vehicles) because it means that they can only fly in rural settings. The pressure from the sector is speeding up the drafting of new regulations that further flesh out these limitations and outline the requirements needed in order to work on the aerial buildings inspection or AirFrag of buildings with drones Girona or in any other place. We at Fragments are ready to lift off as soon as the new text is approved.

Comprehensive service via remote control

Using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), we can see in real time the framing and result obtained and we can work with the client to evaluate what steps to take. We deliver the classified pictures, a flight report or assessment report of the aerial buildings inspection or AirFrag and any possible corrective actions.


Evaluation and prevention

By aerial buildings inspection or AirFrag we look for signs of wear and tear, ageing materials, open joints or signs of future problems as the basis for a sound maintenance and repair plan. We report on maintenance problems on roofs that can lead to water leaks or declines in energy efficiency.


A necessary vantage point

Useful for industry, the architectural heritage, energy and transport infrastructures, managing land, construction, topography, urban planning and environmental assessments. By aerial buildings inspection or AirFrag system we fly outdoors or indoors so we do not miss a single detail.


Professional judgement

We are photographers and architects, so we bring a technical vision of materials and the pathologies suffered by buildings and installations with photography. We document by aerial buildings inspection or AirFrag using sound judgement and quality.