Fragments at the 2016 Girona County Architecture Awards

Architecture photography in the 2016 Girona Architecture Awards.

Architecture photography in the 2016 Girona Architecture Awards.


Here we are again!


The Architects’ Association of Catalonia in Girona has announced the 19th edition of the Girona County Architecture Awards which every year aims to reward the most emblematic architectural projects in the territory.


The categories of participation are Architecture, Exterior Spaces, and Ephemeral Spaces, and they will show several works in terms of magnitude, environment, and type of intervention.


The jury, chaired by the architect Andrew Groarke and completed by Ramon Sanabria, Claudi Aguiló, and Lídia Parada, will be in charge of awarding one prize per category. It will also select a work that will receive the Culture and Industry Opinion Award, and that prize will be delivered by professionals from the cultural, industrial, technological, and communication fields.


We want to remind everyone how crucial it is to properly document the candidate projects in order to make them shine and elevate them through the visuals.


Photography is the best tool to explain an architectural project; the architect Arnau Vergés already said it in an interview where he spoke about the importance  that architectural photography has had when it comes to sharing his work. The architect Montse Nogués, winner of the last edition of the Architecture Awards, thinks that trusting the gaze of an architectural photographer such as Marc Torra has allowed her to break down the project in several scenes rich in details that would be difficult to reproduce overall. Architectural photography gives the work’s author a chance to design spaces, make a corner feel like a comfort zone, and create an almost familiar atmosphere that also involves the viewer in the story.


Given how much information an image of a place can hold, photographing it after completion is frequently the obvious next step. Additionally, we are aware that your projects have a lot to say.


The submission period closes on Tuesday, the 1st of March, at 2:00 p.m.


Good luck to all!