Marc Torra, photographer of the winning project in the 2015 Architecture Awards

The Girona headquarters of the COAC concludes the competition with three award-winners and one prize not awarded


We finally have a winner!

The architect Montserrat Nogués won first prize in the category of Architecture for her project involving the Reconstruction and enlargement of Can Calau estate in Begudà, on the occasion of the ceremony of the 18th edition of the Architecture Awards of the  Counties of Girona, held on Friday the 5th of June at the emblematic headquarters of the  Girona Branch of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

The winning project, a clear reference to the intersections between architecture and the environs, trusted in the architectural photography of the founder of Fragments, Marc Torra when decorating for the event, as the architects M. Clara Riera, Pere Fina and Albert Bosch did with their Travelling Origami at the Headquarters of the Girona Branch of the COAC and the Alt Empordà and Garrotxa-Ripollès branches in the category of Ephemeral Spaces, and architect Joel Padrosa with his Organisation and refurbishment of the inner block courtyard in Olot in the category of Urban Planning and Landscaping, which did not manage to take the prize this year.

The jury chose a total of 16 projects as finalists, including the ex aequo prize for the Hospital of Olot and County Hospital of La Garrotxa by the architects Ramon Sanabria and Francesc Sandalinas in the category of Architecture alongside Can Calau. In the category of Ephemeral Spaces, the lucky winner was the School of Art and Higher Design School of Olot for Roots: Motjer House of Girona, while for the category of Urban Planning and Landscaping the jury chose not to award a prize.

Thanks to everyone and congratulations!